The Otley Bottled Beer Range showcases what we are all about...

... Fresh, modern, simple and a little intriguing, with an air of exclusivity about them. Just the way we want!


ABV: 4.0%
Colour: Gold
Pale straw coloured bitter using Brewers Gold
and Styrian Hops.
Easy quaffing session bitter.
Champion Beer of Britain 2008 - Golden Ales
ABV: 4.0%
Colour: Gold
Pale golden ale with high bitterness and aromas
of green grass and herbs. All American hops.
Champion Beer of Wales 2011 - Golden Ales
ABV: 6.6%
Colour: Black
Old style porter with deep full flavours
including chocolate, coffee and chicory.
Champion Beer of Wales 2009 - Porters
ABV: 4.8%
Colour: Pale Gold
Clear wheat beer spiced with roasted orange peel,
coriander and cloves. Good hop aromas with
a subtle bitterness
Champion Beer of Wales 2010 - Overall Champion



All our beers are bottle conditioned, which means they have natural yeast sediment in the bottom of the bottle
which is exactly the same as our cask beer. In essence the bottle beers are a miniature version of cask ale.
This means the beer will continue to work after it has been bottled, turning any remaining sugars to alcohol.
By doing this a natural by product is CO2 gas, this has nowhere to go so gets diluted into the beer. This diluted
gas is what makes the beer fizzy. We do not add any gas when we bottle our beers so it is 100% natural product.
When you pour the beer it is best to treat it like a fine red wine or old port, essentially you have to pour it
gently watching that you avoid disturbing the yeast in the bottom of the bottle and pouring it into the glass.
Although the yeast won’t do you any harm it doesn't make the beer look its best as it makes the beer
cloudy and yeasty in flavour. As you pour gently keep an eye on the yeast as it nears the neck of the
bottle, you should aim to have a clear glass of beer poured with a good white head and the yeast held in
the neck of the bottle. There will be wet sediment of about .5cm left in the bottom of the bottle when the
pouring is complete. Some people don’t mind the yeast and pour it all in anyway, but that should be the
customers choice.
All of our beers get better with age like good wines; this is due the product and the process of bottle
conditioning being 100% natural. The yeast works its magic on any remaining sugars and the released
gases act as a natural preservative for the beer. If you have the patience  to lay a bottle or two of O8
down for 12 months or more you will have a quite different and really amazing beer to enjoy full of subtle
tones and mellow continental flavours.